Fishing is my love, but Catching is my Passion!

Florida has a long history of great ideas that didn't turn out so good, the barramundi is one that has positives.

This monster is a barrimundi. It’s an aggressive feeder that attacks hard and jumps like a tarpon. It’s an Australian fish that was caught in private ponds near Orlando. I’ll have to tell you that story later. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Florida has a number of exotics that are fun to target. I’ll introduce you to a few of them that are worth your time to pursue, assuming you’re like me and like catching more than fishing. I grew up living on the banks of Crystal Lake, located just outside of Lakeland proper, at that time. I swam, water skied and fished its waters daily all summer long, until I joined the Navy with millions of my 1966 classmates on what was jokingly referred to as our senior cruise to the Orient. For many, it wasn’t a joke for long. 

My older brother Harold thinks he's big stuff holding the rod.  On my return four years later I was heart broken to find a once beautiful, pristine spring-fed lake had almost turned into a mud hole thanks to the phosphate industry. Sadly this is not an unusual story. The other side of the coin is they have left a lot of abandoned open-pit mines that are now full of big bass and many are surrounded by golf courses and retirement homes. Residents with waterfront property joined forces and installed a deep well with an eight inch pipe to pump the lake back up to its traditional level. Not an inexpensive proposition but it did bring the lake back up.

A lot has changed about Florida and fishing. I’m here to introduce you to some places and perhaps a technique or two you might want to try.

That said, without spending too much time fishing memories, I’ll share some excellent places to fish in Florida and some dream trips that will make your pulse race. Mine races every time I think back on those details between baiting up, hooking up and holding up your next monster. 

You’ve got to have something to look forward to and plan for. Won’t you join me to fish Florida? Dreaming is Free!


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