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I currently live in central Florida about 60 miles north of the land of Mickey.

I fish throughout central Florida and on both coasts. Sometimes I venture further out on the days I don’t have dialysis. I’ve fished Florida on and off for 65 years and am happy to share some of the knowledge I’ve gained in those pursuits. 

Many of my articles are directed at people with an interest in learning how to fish for the different species that live in the state, especially single mothers with boys who want to be boys.  Some girls would like to try their hand at fishing but are often discouraged. My daughters have all learned to fish and enjoyed it immensely. 

Thanks for your patience as I build the site’s content. Please check back often to see what’s new, because something will be daily.

Should you have specific questions, you can reach me by leaving a comment at the end of an article, or more directly at frank_ross at embarqmail dot com to comment or ask questions about fishing Florida. I have listed my email address in this manner to avoid having web robots pick it up and spam me. All you need to do is replace the at and dot with the appropriate email requirements and bang away.

Thanks for your time and interest,

A. Frank Ross

frank_ross at embarqmail dot com

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