About me


About me

I am a writer who has been in and out of journalism for 50 years. I began as a photographer for the Tampa Tribune and left as the assistant chief photographer to pursue a writing career. I enrolled in writing classes at Hillsborough Community College, edited the college magazine and was president of the Journalism Honor Society. Next I worked for the Sarasota Herald Tribune and Journal where I honed my writing skills. After four years at the paper, and stringing for UPI and AP, I became a magazine editor of The Tampa Bay Pro Football Report at a time when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were setting a record that has never been broken, losing 0-25. No one wanted to hear about the Bucs, let alone pay to read about them. After nine issues the magazine folded. And that’s how I ended up working in public relations, sponsorship development and event management. My life’s passion has been fishing and the outdoors. I worked for Cabela’s, first as President of Sportsman’s Quest, Inc., an event company that produced Pro/Am outdoor events and developed a magazine, nationwide network of 153 radio station broadcasting our three minute donut hole production and an ESPN2 television show.

I joined the team to build Cabela’s website in December of 1999, as the Content Managing Editor. I’ve written tons of product content, from field testing equipment to preparing in-depth buyer’s guides and general how-to articles for all levels of outdoor’s enthusiasts. 

I hope you will stop back in often to see what’s new on my blog, and check out the deals I’ve found while surfing the internet. I spend a lot of time online every day, and when I run into a great deal I share it with my readers so they can benefit from my research as well.  Also, I am required to notify you I am an affiliate with Amazon.com, Cableas.com and Bassproshop.com. 

I appreciate your stopping by.

A. Frank Ross